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News: Deep Tech School

The Deep Tech School is back for a 2nd edition. In Milan on 21, 22 and 23 November you can meet speakers, managers and researchers from the most important international realities.

What we do

Rigenerazioni comes from the idea shared by different partners to create an incubator that could also function as a real accelerator for new technological enterprises, when needed. This is because the initiative’s promoters consider the combination of new generations and technology as the decisive drive for the country’s economic growth and development. The aim is therefore to create a centre of excellence for the development of entrepreneurial projects. This is also achieved through the support of tutors and PhD students working in scientific institutes and in research laboratories, on projects concerning:
  • Quantum mechanics, and quantum computation in particular, its vertical applicability to several industrial sectors and services;
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to databases with enormous amounts of data in several sectors, and quantum cryptography, etc.


“Fondazione Sviluppo per la Comunità” and “RigenerAzioni Srl Impresa sociale” wanted to aspire to a mission with a high economic and social value. This is to promote entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, research, education and training for sustainable development – economically, socially and ecologically – in the community of reference and throughout the territory, also outside a strictly “local“ level. A new centre of excellence has been planned for the incubation and acceleration of business projects in the field of quantum physics and artificial intelligence. Specifically, the initiative will lead to the creation of a technological and entrepreneurial centre that – among other things – will hold bootcamp sessions for young researchers from all over Europe.

How we do it

Being in contact with us means accessing a gym that provides intense training for entrepreneurs and startuppers. With the help of entrepreneurs/specialised tutors, the new enterprise’s characteristics will undergo in-depth analysis in relation to the business model and the relevant market, evaluating actual possibilities for success. The four main points of Rigenerazioni’s action are:


Strong selection of ideas, overall comparison of similar initiatives, tangibility and the need for realisations, time to market)


Defined, effective company assets


A substantial economic contribution in exchange for shares, to provide more drive to the structure


Presentation about funding to all local enterprises involved and then to specialised sector funds

A guide to the world
of investors

New entrepreneurs and startuppers will be helped in searching for investors who are actually interested in supporting new enterprise development projects, by participating in the capital or with other forms of support. By knowing the investor world, we can point new entrepreneurs towards entities who are actually interested in their business ideas. We promote all types of funding operations that fit the business.

Our philosophy

We start a path together to grow a new enterprise’s value, by:
  • enhancing people and their innovative ideas,
  • taking care of their growth,
  • monitoring the company’s planning developments,
  • adding ideas and continuously implementing the business plan.
  We invest in new start-ups by new entrepreneurs, creating a link that has all the cards for a win-win relationship. This guarantees to the company the support that only a partner in the idea can provide.

Chi siamo


Una fondazione senza fini di lucro che persegue sul territorio scopi di utilità sociale e di promozione dello sviluppo economico, per il consolidamento, la valorizzazione e la promozione delle imprese, anche nell’ambito della ricerca scientifica e delle sue implicazioni interdisciplinari.


Impresa Sociale che opera come braccio operativo della Fondazione e che favorisce e sviluppa la nascita di nuovi progetti di business legati al territorio. Il capitale di RignerAzioni Srl Impresa sociale è aperto alle imprese, ai Centri di Ricerca e alle Università. Non è previsto alcun dividendo ai soci partecipanti. Gli ambiti prioritari dei progetti sono rappresentati dallo sviluppo delle conoscenze del supercalcolo, delle scienze quantistiche, dell’intelligenza artificiale di altri domini scientifici e umanistici con particolare attenzione alla loro ricaduta sul sistema economico e sociale.


Un comitato formato da imprenditori, docenti e ricercatori di rilevanza nazionale, fondi di venture capital. Il comitato scientifico è in grado di indirizzare l’attività di ricerca e scouting verso i settori di intervento con maggiore potenzialità di sviluppo.

FONDAZIONE DI PARTECIPAZIONI “SVILUPPO PER LA COMUNITÀ ETS” è costituita dai seguenti soci: · Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Ascoli Piceno, · Comune di Ascoli Piceno, · Restart S.R.L., · Gabellini Holding S.R.L. RIGENERAZIONI S.R.L. Impresa Sociale ha la Fondazione di Partecipazioni Sviluppo per la Comunità ETS come socio unico


About us


A non-profit foundation that pursues social utility and promotes economic development in the territory, for the consolidation, optimisation and promotion of enterprises, also as part of scientific research and its interdisciplinary implications.


Social enterprise that acts as the Foundation’s operational arm, and encourages and develops the creation of new territorial businesses. The capital of RignerAzioni Srl social enterprise is open to firms, research centres and universities. There are no dividends for participating partners. The projects’ priority areas are the development of super calculation knowledge, quantum science, artificial intelligence, and other scientific and humanistic areas, with particular attention to their effect on the economic and social system.


A committee made up of national entrepreneurs, teachers and researchers, and venture capital funds.
The scientific committee can address research and scouting towards the intervention sectors
with a high development potential.

PARTICIPATORY FOUNDATION “SVILUPPO PER LA COMUNITÀ ETS” has the following members: Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Ascoli Piceno, · Municipality of Ascoli Piceno, · Restart S.R.L., · Gabellini Holding S.R.L. RIGENERAZIONI S.R.L. Social Enterprise with the Fondazione Sviluppo Per La Comunità Ets as its only shareholder.

The board

Entrare in contatto con noi significa accedere ad una palestra che prepara in maniera rigorosa imprenditori e startupper.
Con l’aiuto di imprenditori/tutor specializzati, verranno analizzate in profondità le caratteristiche della nuova impresa che mette
in relazione il modello di business con il mercato andando a valutare le concrete speranze di successo.

Roberta Faraotti

Graduate of Law School. Head of External Relations and Legal Affairs at Fainplast Srl, a leading company specialized in the production of compounds, plastic material in granular form used in a large number of sectors. She is currently Vice-President of the Ascoli Piceno Industrial Association.

Claudio Gabellini

Graduate in Political Science at the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", is the sole Director of Gabellini Holding Srl and other companies operating in different sectors (real estate, medical/health, marketing, labor and tax law, food industry). He founded and led for over 20 years the Namirial group operating as an international technology provider.

Maurizio Maria Ramazzotti

Graduate in electronic engineering. Expert in management, management systems, organization and management control. Experience as General Manager, among others, of the Bontempi/Farfisa Group, ATR and Abruzzo Capital SpA. Majority shareholder and Sole Director of Management Consultancy companies. President of Hydrowatt SpA. Founder and President of the Green Cross of Ascoli Piceno for about 25 years. Chairman of the “Comitato di Partecipazione dell’Area Vasta 5”. Past President of UCID (Unione Cristiana Imprenditori, Dirigenti e Liberi Professionisti).

Gianni Tardini

Owner and sole administrator of Servizi Italia, a company founded in 1987, specialized in screen printing and digital applied to any material. Sole administrator of Logiva srl, a company that deals with the rental of large LED systems for communication, management advertising systems and car rental. President of the “Consorzio Ascoli Produce“. President of “Piccola Industria di Confindustria Marche” and member of the Central Council of P.I. of Confindustria Nazionale. Since 2021 member of the “Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ascoli Piceno”.

The team

Massimiliano Cataldi

Graduate in Political Science Political/Social Address at the University of Camerino. He has a Master in Business Management “ISTAO - Istituto Adriano Olivetti di studi per la gestione dell’economia e delle aziende” of Ancona. An expert in fundraising, he worked at SVIM “Sviluppo Marche S.p.A. Società di Sviluppo Regionale della Regione Marche” as project manager. He is currently President of “Vademecum Società Cooperativa Sociale” where he works as Project Manager in the Design/Development Area.

Ilaria Vallesi

Graduate in Political Science political/economic address at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". He has a master’s degree in Industrial and commercial relations with Eastern European countries organized by the Faculty of Political Science and the Department of Economic Development Studies of the University of Macerata. He has worked at “TecnoMarche Scarl - Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico delle Marche” carrying out design and project management activities. She is currently Vice President of “Vademecum Società Cooperativa Sociale” where she works as Project Manager, administrative manager and expert in facilitated finance.

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